Public Transit Rules

How incredible is the Stockholm Subway? Why have I never seen images of it before? The Coolist has a little post about great metro stations around the world, and while I’m pleased of course to see the dramatic shots of the Washington, DC system, MAN. I would like to pay Stockholm a visit just for the exposed bedrock experience of the blue line.

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  1. Jim Hudson March 15, 2012 at 5:14 PM #

    That’s funny, I came across the list the other night, then your blog today by coincidence. It is indeed an amazing series of spaces (took a couple of shots myself:

    Anyway, don’t know why I’ve not come across your blog before now, enjoyed it very much, and just spotted that you’re linked to me (there’s no surer sign of good taste… ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Jim in Berlin

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